KS3 project

Introducing the science doctor KS3 science workbook! This is a free electronic workbook that is funded by buymeacoffee donations. I’m going to be writing a sheet a day until it’s finished!

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When complete, a full printed copy of the workbook will be available to buy on amazon (and this will have answers). The electronic version will always remain free, though.

At first, these sheets will be unsequenced. Over time, I’ll put them into what I believe is a sensible sequence and eventually collate into a final version of the workbook (after a proof reading stage).

KS3 is oft-neglected so I hope that these will be useful. If you have suggestions for a sheet tag me @edmunds_dr on twitter.


Electricity and magnetism finished booklet:

Electricity and magnetism resources:

Space finished booklet:

Space resources:

Energy finished booklet:

Energy resources:

Matter finished booklet:

Matter resources:

Forces and motion finished booklet:

Forces and motion resources:

Waves resources:


Nutrition and digestion finished booklet:

Nutrition and digestion resources:


Earth and atmosphere finished booklet:

Earth and atmosphere resources:

Matter finished booklet:

Matter resources: