Physics KS5

Below are booklets for each of the AQA topics. They consist of notes, worksheets and exam questions. Some parts of the booklets have been written by myself, but I’ve collated a lot from existing resources. Please see the acknowledgements section of each booklet for the appropriate credit. Special thanks to Bernard Rand (@BernardRand) for allowing me to use many of his questions. 

The notes in each booklet come from Nathan Dwyer’s work, the original notes can be freely downloaded here:

Some of the booklets have answers, but not all. Please don’t ask for answers. I *might* get around to doing them but I also might not as they’re not a necessity for me.

Measurement & errors booklet below:

I have also put together some powerpoints designed to go alongside the measurement & errors booklet:

Below is a short booklet guiding students through how to complete a required practical:

Booklets for other topics are downloadable below:

Some gravitational fields powerpoints are downloadable from the link below:

I’m not sure what A level option I will be teaching next year, so I’ve not yet planned that through. In the meantime you might find the free Collins chapters useful.


Turning points:…




Option chapters are also available from Hodder here:

I have created a revision booklet for papers 1 and 2 consisting of the spec points & exam questions directly related to each spec point. 

The following are summary revision sheets for KS5 (AQA) & have been very kindly contributed by David Buckley (@physwithmrb). 

I have made a few ramped worksheets, just like KS4, and will add to this selection over time.

I’m also considering giving the KS5 curriculum the same treatment I’ve given to the KS4 one by reducing to key-learning questions and quizzing students on fold-able fact sheets. One example is below; let me know thoughts. 

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