Revision resources

The following are full revision booklets incorporating all of my fact & revision sheets in one tidy pack to give to students. Currently these resources are designed for revision of the AQA specification. 

These resources I print 2-up on A3 paper and use either as a warm-up or shortly before an assessment/exam (shown in photo below). They consist of core notes (that don’t include everything but are a good start) as well as a related exam question.

The combined resources I’ve designed for revision for mainly foundation tier students and the separate resources are quite challenging.

Paper 1 resources:

The following two revision sheets are very brief paper 1 summaries; designed for a brief warmup or intervention prior to an exam. 

The following two downloads are full paper 1 revision workbooks; each containing 16 pages of core notes & questions. 

The following is a worksheet giving students independent practice on tricky multi-step calculations on paper 1 content. Hints can be printed on the reverse to help students if they get stuck. 

Paper 2 resources:

The following is a worksheet on paper 2 multi-step calculations, in a similar format as my paper 1 one. 

Revision fact sheets:

For the following resources, I get the students to fold the sheet in half and either write the answer down from memory or verbally answer to a parent/sibling/friend.

Further topics & resources to be added soon.

The following is a knowledge-based assessment on paper 1 Physics. I use my foldable fact sheets to prepare students for this. I wrote a short twitter thread about the use of this here:

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