We’re expanding into Biology & Chemistry! If you would like to contribute to some Biology or Chemistry ramped worksheets then contact @edmunds_dr on twitter.

For the time being we’re super excited to announce that the amazing @edwards_dr2 is contributing some ramped Biology resources, built around the theory of deliberate practice!

I haven’t created any of the resources on this page, most of them are contributed by @edwards_dr2. If you appreciate her work and want to buy her a coffee as a thank you, then there is a link below:

Buy Me A Coffee

The following revision resources have very kindly been contributed by Thandiwe Banda. The revision sheets follow the same format as my physics ones & are ideally printed 2-up on A3 paper. 

All sheets are also collated in one larger revision booklet.

The following booklets are in the same format at above (& my physics revision sheet) and have very kindly been contributed to the site by @edwards_dr2.

@edwards_dr2 is also producing some fold-able fact sheets in the same way as the physics ones:

The below is a practical method written by @edwards_dr2 that produced the following fantastic results: