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New release: “The Science Doctor KS3 Physics Workbook”

In exciting news, The “Science Doctor KS3 Physics Workbook” is now published on Amazon.

This covers the KS3 national curriculum for physics and has a page of core notes and a page of questions for each topic.

It has been designed such that students can complete the questions independently and questions have been scaffolded appropriately to help with that.

Spaces are left for the students to answer the questions in so it can be a self contained resources.

There are also answers at the back so that students can check their own work.

Screenshots of a few select pages are below, but a fuller preview of the book can be found on this link:


I strongly believe in the impact of deliberate practice; and want science/physics teachers to have free access to quality resources built around this. This site currently includes:

  • Nine GCSE physics booklets (tailored to the AQA specification).

  • Thirteen A level physics booklets (AQA). 

  • Over four hundred freely downloadable physics resources (many suitable for any exam board). 

I was formerly a physicist, studied for a PhD & was also a postdoctoral research associate at UCL, and then latterly was a postdoc at Imperial. My job was to bother atoms/molecules using lasers.

Increasingly, the favourite part of my job was to lecture/teach undergraduate students & so it wasn’t long before I became a full-time teacher. I am currently head of physics at a school in north London. 

For updates follow @edmunds_dr on twitter.


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