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Welcome to your one stop shop for physics resources!

I strongly believe in the impact of deliberate practice; and want science/physics teachers to have free access to quality resources built around this. This site currently includes:

  • Nine GCSE physics booklets (tailored to the AQA specification).

  • Thirteen A level physics booklets (AQA). 

  • Over four hundred freely downloadable physics resources (many suitable for any exam board). 

I was formerly a physicist, studied for a PhD & was also a postdoctoral research associate at UCL, and then latterly was a postdoc at Imperial. My job was to bother atoms/molecules using lasers.

Increasingly, the favourite part of my job was to lecture/teach undergraduate students & so it wasn’t long before I became a full-time teacher. I am currently head of physics at a school in north London. 

For updates follow @edmunds_dr on twitter.


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