KS3 project

TLDR: I’m writing a KS3 science workbook. It’ll be freely electronically available and funded by buymeacoffee donations. A printed version will also be available for purchase on amazon.

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Apart from going over proofs, my KS4 science equations book with Collins is now finished.

Apparently I get twitchy without a project to work on, so I’ve turned my eye to resourcing KS3 science. KS3 science doesn’t get as much love as it should, it’s often an afterthought and is (generally) not as well resourced as KS4/5 physics.

So I’m going to make a thing to try and help with that.

It’ll consist of the core notes/knowledge that students need to know, as well as a large amount of SLOP that is ramped in difficulty. It’ll provide coverage of the KS3 national curriculum (which I know is vague) across biology, chemistry and physics. It’ll cover everything that I *think* should be in a good KS3 curriculum, and ideally build towards a KS4 course in a really strong way.

I reckon that I can spend a few hours on this a week, and I’ll upload individual sheets on a new “KS3 project” tab on the site as I go.

They’ll be editable. And free. And hopefully useful to use in class/as homeworks…and god forbid even as remote work if we have to go that way again. Optimistically, it’ll be finished by this September. More realistically, it’ll be finished by September 2022. When I’ve finished the whole thing, it’ll be available to purchase on amazon (in case you want class sets etc.) but the electronic copy will always remain free. I’ll even write answers, how about that? (although they’ll only be in the printed book…sorry)

So here’s what I need from you all; I’ve written a sample sheet for biology, chemistry and physics…and I’d like feedback. Would you use this in class? Would this be useful to you? Is there anything that can be improved? Any difficulties that I haven’t thought of? I’m not doing this with a publisher so am crowd-sourcing expertise. I’m hopeful that it’ll turn into something great.

The samples are downloadable below:

Fanks in advance 😘


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