Magnetism lessons

My last post “how I structure a lesson” (linked below) got a fair amount of attention & quite a few people wanting to see some more examples of lessons.

As I said on Twitter, I was going to have a trial run to see how time efficient it was for me to make my existing lessons shareable. I’ve now done this for all (AQA) magnetism lessons. Hopefully you can see how my lesson structure is quite consistent. Each lesson is fully resourced with powerpoints & tasks (including my regular ramped worksheets). These are linked to below:

Now, I don’t know if I’m going to share lessons for more topics. I’m still on the fence. This didn’t take me a massive amount of time (as it was only tweaking existing lessons), but I usually (selfishly) only share things that I make for my own teaching practice. Tweaking lessons to make shareable doesn’t necessarily fit this format, but I might do more if I have some spare time here and there. If you want to encourage me along the way then there’s always the motivating effect of a coffee. 😜

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Thanks to Hollie Ford (@HFord_SciEd) for allowing me to use her excellently scaffolded extended response questions (linked in tweet below). Traditionally, scaffolding these questions is something that I’ve not been excellent at in my practice & I’ve found that these really help.


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